DMC's PoSS consensus
DMC storage project adopts a unique decentralized storage service network application consensus algorithm called Proof of Storage Service (PoSS), which takes the quantity of the staked Proof of Service Tokens (PSTs) cast by DMC as the voting right, screens miner nodes as the consensus nodes based on the voting right, and then provides storage service, namely mining.

Specifically, the PoSS consensus algorithm uses the quantity of the staked DMC-cast PSTs to proportionally generate the corresponding number of voting rights, and ranks the nodes accordingly to continuously select a certain number of miners who actively provide storage services as the consensus nodes and give them incentives according to the reward rules. PoSS provides a powerful safeguard mechanism to prevent Node hijacked attack and Collusion attack.

However, since the status of the super-node is qualified via DMC tokens staked, the cost of the attack is extremely high. The fair incentives under the consensus mechanism will eventually attract more miners who can provide storage services to join, thus injecting a continuous driving force for decentralized network storage service capabilities.

With the global adoption of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the explosive growing number of IoT devices in every corner, as well as the recent introduction of METAVERSE, data has become the keystone of the digital world. DMC came into being, and the use of multiple scenarios escorted intelligent life.

Smart home, self-driving, entertainment, commercial and personal information, public utilities and other data storage require DMC storage services.We believe that only by adhering to the faith of storing real and significative data, DMC has the opportunity to become the infrastructure of the web 3.0.




DMC decentralized storage, which can replace traditional cloud storage, is a kind of decentralized blockchain storage. Through real data storage services, it creates a decentralized trading market to provide users with decentralized, efficient, secure and open storage services. DMC offers an optimized solution to address the inherent shortcomings of traditional centralized storage infrastructures and devices.Higher availability, higher security, better data privacy protection and lower price.With these four advantages, perfectly solves the fatal problem of the current centralized storage.