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Datamall Coin

Datamall Coin is leading a new era in data authentication and sharing, aiming to build a decentralized multi-chain storage network that unlocks the potential of data.

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background of news

Our Advantages

Leading decentralized technology

The CYFS protocol, DSG protocol and DMC protocol we adopt not only provide a powerful storage behavior incentive mechanism, but also have the ability to quickly retrieve and large-scale data distribution. These technologies enable us to build fully decentralized dApps to provide users with more efficient and secure services. CYFS is the next generation of decentralized technology. By upgrading the basic Web protocol (TCP/IP+DNS+HTTP), it builds a completely decentralized and free Web3.

Innovative economic model

Our DMC economic model innovatively introduces the Nash consensus mechanism to create a truly decentralized data storage transaction market. Market prices are determined by supply and demand, ensuring fair pricing for storage services. In addition, our reward mechanism specifically rewards those supply and demand parties that reach consensus, ensuring the equal status of supply and demand in the economic model.

Powerful infrastructure construction

CYFS decentralized protocol, DMC storage token economic model, NFT, multi-chain ecology, and the first DePIN server Foggie Max constitute our rich and diverse infrastructure construction.

Extensive experience

Our team has rich experience in building real and effective decentralized storage networks. We have successfully operated more than 50% of the world's P2P data traffic. Combined with the team's technology accumulation in Thunder and FlashGet, we are in a leading position in the industry.


  • Road Map 2020
    Launch of Project
    A solution to Decentralized Storage
  • Road Map 2021
    Whitepaper, Development of Trading Contract
    DMC Token Economic Model
    Development of Matchorder Contract
    Development of ABO Contract
    Development of PST Minting Contract
    Development of Staking Contract
    Development of Storage Delivery Contract
    Development of Wallet Plugin
    Development of Blockchain Explorer
  • Road Map 2022
    Launch of Testnet
    Development of Node Operation and Maintenance Tool
    Single-chain Wallet and Blockchain Explorer Online
    BP Recruitment Plan
    1st Round Mining Test
    Mainnet and Contract Code Open-sourced
    Optimize Blockchain Incentive Plan
    Increase and Stabilize Mining CPU of Mainnet
    Strategic Partners Join the DMC Storage Ecosystem
    DMC Ecosystem Application Available
    Developer Incentive Plan
  • Road Map 2023
    Listed on Multiple Exchange
    Officially Launch of Mainnet 1.0
    Increase the Proportion of Storage Trade on Mainnet
    Storage Provider Recruitment Campaign
    Build the Ecosystem of Blockchain
    Stronger DMC Community
    100PB Public Data Program - Charity
    Collaborate with Multiple Third-party Mining Pools
    Product & Project Operating System Development
  • Road Map 2024
    Optimize and Update PoSS
    DAO and Chain Governance
    DMC Inscriptions
    Become a vital part of storage transactions in Web3.0 Multi-chain
    Bigger Developer Plan
    Listed on more Exchange
    Cross-chain Wallet
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Join us
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