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DMC and Wikipedia reached a strategic cooperation to build Web3

Datamall Chain (DMC) is an open-source project based on Cyber File System (CYFS), CYFs is an open-sourced next-generation internet protocol. The data sent through CYFS protocol contains Hash and Owner's public key Hash to achieve the confirmed ownership of the data, while the CYFS protocol URLs are permanently valid.

The CYFS protocol provides retrieval capability for IPFS data through OOD, and miner can get DMC token. CYFS protocol can completely replace HTTP, TCP/IP, and DNS and HTTP, and CYFS-based DMC can achieve complete decentralization. The decentralized storage marketplace created by DMC provides users with secure, efficient, and real decentralized storage services, and is one of the few real Web3.0 projects on the market today. Datamall Coin is the governance token on Datamall Chain issued by DMC foundation. Users can provide decentralized storage service and get rewarded by providing spare storage space. DMC, led by Victor Chen, President of DMC Foundation, CTO Xinglu Xu, and Thi Thumasathit, the Chief Marketing Officer, has received pre-seed funding of $3 million in funding from OKX,, BTCM, Draper Dragon, and Lingfeng Capital. What's more, DMC has established partnerships with several institutions.

How can Wikipedia solve the dilemma of sustainable development?

Wikipedia is an open and collaborative multi-author hypertext system on the Web that supports collaborative writing and is "a social computing system that allows a group of users to create and link a set of Web pages with simple descriptions". Wikipedia is a collaborative multilingual encyclopedia project based on wiki technology and it is a web encyclopedia written in multiple languages. Wikipedia is the world's largest and most popular reference tool on the Web and the top ten most popular sites in the world, with more than 53 million entries in all versions of Wikipedia. According to the well-known Alexa Internet web traffic statistics, Wikipedia is used by nearly 365 million people worldwide. It is also the fifth most viewed website in the world and the largest ad-free website in the world. According to the estimates, Wikipedia is visited by nearly 270 million Americans each month. While Wikipedia has a large global user base, it requires many servers for data storage and faces problems such as user limitations, servers down and data loss. How can Wikipedia be sustainable in the long run? Decentralization is a good way, but how to realize a decentralized Wikipedia?

DMC and Wikipedia together to build Web3

The introduction of DMC, a decentralized storage project adopting CYFS protocol, provides a good solution for Wikipedia's data storage problem, and provides secure and efficient services for Wikipedia users. Currently, Wikipedia community forms cooperation relationship with DMC, and Wikipedia can complete the upgrade of decentralized storage after accessing CYFS protocol, and realize permanent storage of data, which can more effectively protect the ownership of the data. Wikipedia users can have the ownership of the data when creating entries through CYFS protocol, Meanwhile, the data creator, i.e., the owner, can get rewarded accordingly. The Wikipedia community can make the project operate independently through the Dao community of CYFS, and the decentralization and incentive measures can promote the enthusiasm of all parties, and finally realize the decentralization of Wikipedia. The project can be upgraded from Web2.0 to Web3.0 and achieve the purpose of sustainable development.